Title Pack Downloads

Can I download a high resolution crest image?

The crest is in jpeg image format


Can I visit the land and are there directions that can be downloaded?

You can visit the estate whenever you want. Please download the directions below. Some of the paths in the land are quite steep and uneven so make sure you wear sensible shoes and we recommend the walk only for those in good health. It is each visitor’s responsibility to ensure that the walk and the weather conditions are within their capabilities. We accept no liability for any accidents or injuries which may occur on the estate or due to errors made here. Visits to the land are undertaken entirely at your own risk. All walks, maps, descriptions and route data are provided in good faith, but must be regarded as approximate; we can make no guarantee as to their accuracy.

Land Directions

Using the Title

Can I refer to myself as Lord or Lady?

Yes, the title pack is based on a historic English Lord of the Manor title that supports the legal right to use the honorific title Lord or Lady. Within most legal jurisdictions, should you wish to change your honorific title to Lord or Lady (Lord or Lady of the Manor) then you can change this at any time, provided you do not intend to deceive or defraud another person or purport your title to be a peerage.

Can I change my title on personal documents?

Yes, you can change your honorific title in most instances (this includes items such as stationery, tickets, reservations, membership cards, debit cards, credit cards, social media, employers, professional bodies etc). Please note, government documents which do not display any title such as all passports (and in some jurisdictions drivers licences) cannot be updated.

Do you guarantee title changes?

A number of our customers have successfully added their title to documents, however, we can offer no guarantee of this for any type of document as each institution is different and may have their own rules and regulations. The deed statement included in the title packs may be requested when making an official update. Please note you are under no obligation to complete the deed statement. Enssen (London) Ltd offers no assistance, guarantee, compensation, reimbursement, nor can make warranties or representations in respect to document changes or deed statement use.

Am I changing my title or first name?

Our title packs support the legal right to change your honorific title to Lord or Lady. This is not a change of first name.

What should I do first?

Every institution is different and we always suggest the first thing you do is to contact the relevant organisation directly and ask them what they require to make a title change. You can then proceed from there, depending on what information they have given you.

Can Lord Titles help with title changes?

Whilst we provide advice here, we do not offer direct support for any aspect of document changes. Should you wish to change your documents, this must be undertaken through your own initiative.

I am not English, is it possible to update my documents?

Other legal jurisdictions may permit document changes but this not something we guarantee or provide assistance with. You will need to contact the relevant organisation directly to see what they require and accept.

What is a deed statement?

There is a great deal of confusion about the role of deed poll. Many people incorrectly think that deed poll is an official Government office or similar where you go to register a change of name. This is not the case, as no such office exists. Deed poll is simply a legal process which enables a person to formally change his or her title or name. The deed statement provided is a short legal statement that formally communicates your desire to use the title and may be requested by some institutions. This is not something that can be disputed – the document is absolute because it’s your personal legal statement and your personal legal right. Each title pack contains a deed statement but there is no obligation to complete this.

How do I complete the deed statement?

Click the link below to open an example of a completed deed statement.

Example deed

Who should witness the deed statement?

Technically anyone can be a witness but we recommend someone who has known you for at least two years and is not a relative. Witnesses should be over 18.

Should I send my title pack forms anywhere to be officially registered?

No. We have already registered your title pack and no other registration is required. There are many companies claiming to be official Deed Poll organisations, however, Deed Poll is not a government department – that’s a common misapprehension as no such department exists. Deed Poll is a type of contract that can be used to enforce a personal name or title change. Therefore, please avoid using these companies as they do not represent any official registration authority.

Can I download a replacement deed statement?

Yes, you can. Simply click the download link below and then print the file (the file is in Adobe PDF format). Please note you are under no obligation to complete the deed statement. Enssen (London) Ltd offers no assistance, guarantee, compensation, reimbursement, nor can make warranties or representations in respect to document changes or deed statement use.

Replacement deed